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We help Saskatchewan business owners see things differently, to change their trajectory or achieve a better future.



Filling capacity and experience gaps

Deal advisory services

Strategy and execution

We engage with select communities and community organizations to build their capacity.


Financial and funding strategy

Business planning and execution

McNair is thoughtful in advising Saskatchewan business and community leaders.

We are Saskatchewan

We undeniably promote and provide Saskatchewan perspective and passion.

We’re friendly and connected

Our breadth of connections can access the right experience and expertise, accelerate success, and align shared opportunity.

We understand strategy and execution

We understand first-hand that strategy leads to execution, and execution requires strategy.



We’ve got lots of experience

We have been a part of the provincial business scene for over 25 years and our firm has led over 1000 projects.

Our impact has been pretty amazing; many of today’s leaders and managers have worked for or with McNair.